Hate writing test cases? Want to automate API test case writing?

No-Code Functional Testing

Automation Test Suites are brittle.
Writing and Maintaining Automation Test Suite takes bandwidth.

Hate writing test cases? Want to automate API test case writing?

Testing close to Production

The Tests need to be run in an environment that’s a best effort simulation of the production. Setting up Dependencies, Config for each release becomes tough!

Hate writing test cases? Want to automate API test case writing?

High Test Coverage

It's impractical to write tests for all the possible real-world scenarios on every release.

Keploy Approach

Keploy auto-generates test suites from user traffic. You can Record-Replay test cases anywhere without any need for test-environment ensuring high coverage.

Auto-Mocked Dependencies

Test on Staging, QA, Dev or even locally on laptop with real-world scenarios

Keploy understands the exact API call and the correct response to reply with, including dynamic elements. So if you're using any external service like Databases, third party vendors, cloud services, etc Keploy will automatically mock their response hence eliminating need for external dependencies. Cut down on flaky tests with stable, repeatable environments.

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Service Dependency Mocked

Test Close to Production

Capture and Replay real-world scenarios to test APIs

Keploy automatically compares test-cases generated from previously collected traffic against updated behavior of your application, and brings any differences to your attention.

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Test coverage with real user traffic

Detailed Testing Coverage Reports

Get instant alerts on invalid schema or attribute changes or unexpected behaviour with new application version

Keploy will test the new version of application with thousands of test cases within minutes and generate instant reports and alerts so that you don't miss on anything!

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Test Report

Understand What Broke
Before the Deployment!

Since all the dependencies or external services are mocked for an API you can be confident to test and deploy APIs to face the real-world traffic.

Compare request and response in shadow API testing without dependencies

Questions? Feedback?

We are here to listen from your testing experience

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